Marketing and loyalty

My Frank Harris Novels have begun to move on both Amazon Kindles and Barnes & Noble Nookbooks as well as other Apps. I was beginning to despair, but continued to reach out out to my new friends on Facebook and Twitter without tremendous success. So, I joined Writer Marketing and Writers Network, WOW, books started moving. Thank each and every one of you for your support and for passing on my blog to other readers and writers. Your interest and comments on the books were inspiring and a real uplift for me. Probably, because of the number of books that have sold. I’m just saying.

For those of you that have just published your first indie books, poems, or blogs, check out the writer groups and pass on their blogs as well. They will do the same for you. The members of the groups are very supportive and most are a true credit to writers everywhere. A link to them is: and that should put you in touch with them. You can join without an obligation or fee.

Please look at all pages on this blog. All Frank Harris novels are $.99 cents and are complete novels.