Frank Harris Novels

The Psychopathic Judge

  Frank Harris, a psychologist, is in an initial session with a lawyer, who wants to deal with his girlfriend’s odd behavior. She is a monster on the bench, although she is very sweet when they are together. She has also borrowed money from Marty, the lawyer, twice and never paid him back. He asked his girlfriend what she did with the money and she got very hostile. She didn’t tell him what she did with the money and came to the conclusion she might be a druggy. The girlfriend has just been appointed judge on the appeals court by the governor. In the middle of Marty’s first therapy hour, Frank’s administrative assistant interrupts the session to tell Marty that his girlfriend, Judge Donna Delphin, has collapsed and is dead.

Marty is very distressed and asks Frank to go with him as support. Frank considers the situation and decides to go with Marty. Frank also wonders why Marty didn’t tell the detective about the Donna needing so much money while he is answering questions for the police. They left the corthouse and Frank went with Marty to have a drink and calm him down. When Frank excuses himself to answer his cell phone, Marty abandons Frank and he has to take a taxi back to his office. He finds this very unusual and Frank calls his live-in girlfriend, Sissy Frabel a police detective, to find out what is going on with Donna’s death. Sissy tells him she is working the death as a possible homicide, but the lead detective is about to list it as a suicide. They are waiting for the toxicology results to determine if Donna’s was poisoned. She was and it is a homicide.

Frank, Detective Sissy Frabel, and her ex-partner, Bob Lucero, who is the chief detective on the Albuquerque Police Department, are thrust deeply into a mystery involving the Mexican Mafia, various other suspects and a whole lot of sexual as well as dangerous situations. They must find out why The Judge borrowed money and didn’t spend it. Why Donna would associate with people she detested and who she was involved with sexually in order to solve this and several other murders. Bob and Frank are faced with politically powerful people who don’t want the spotlight shining on this crime.

No Alternative

Get into the mind and heart of forensic psychologist Frank Harris again as he tracks the life and crimes of a serial killer whose specialty is murdering little children by suffocation. Frank must try to get into the killer’s psyche to solve these brutal murders.

From the beginning of this fast-paced psychological mystery, not only is the mind and heart of Harris examined, but societal values, and especially our justice system and how mental illness is treated by the system, all of which come under scrutiny.

Harris’ girlfriend, Sissy Frabel, of the Albuquerque Police Department, usually works with him, but she is on family leave as her father needs her in Texas. Her ex-partner and now Chief Detective, Ben Lucero, asks Frank to help with the case. Frank talks to Sissy, who is homesick for him and the job. He tells her he’s working with Bob Lucero on a case involving two dead children. He wants Frank to test the mother and Father and tell him if he thinks they are guilty.

Sissy has volunteered to work at the Hillsboro Police Department with Tammy Howard, the chief of detectives there. Tammy gives Sissy several cases to look at and decide if they could be of help in solving them. Sissy, while examining cases for Tammy, finds a case that reminds her of Bob and Frank’s case in Albuquerque. The two women investigate the case and find more similarities. The case picks up momentum and some fast-paced action as each location contributes more evidence to the case making it even more confusing as each new piece of information is added to the puzzle.

As this hard-hitting novel examines one mystery after another, more problems appear. Finally, the reader begins to understand who is committing the murders and some of what the killer is thinking; maybe.

The court case associated with this book examines the prosecutor, the defense attorney, the expert witnesses, the judge, and the makeup of the jury. The decisions the jury must make are compelling and mind-boggling. Frank Harris will examine his role in the final decision where after all, he has No Alternative, other than the one he must make.


‘Outrage’ is a fast paced, suspense filled novel. There are plots within plots, exciting conflicts and deep, comprehensive, character development.

This is the first of the Dr. Frank Harris novels and should fill in most of the background for the next two books in the series. It explains his relationship with Gracie and why at some level he can’t really love her.

The plot is compelling as Frank risks his life and the life of Sissy, the policewoman assisting him in the solving of the death of a beautiful friend and colleague. They pursue the case and when it leads to the capture of the men, who killed her, they reveal the existence of an organized crime unit in the northwestern part of New Mexico.

As they learn more about this they realize their lives are in danger and come to the conclusion they very possibly could lose their lives. Corrupt police officials at the top of the Albuquerque Police Department remove most of their backup and they are on their own. You must read this to find out how they solve the crime and what happens to Sissy, Gracie, and Frank as they work their way to a conclusion.

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